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What about the Artist?

David Golzbein the sole artist of Turning Nature into Art, was born and raised on Miami Beach. He is a self-taught wood turner and a member of the South Florida Wood Turner's Guild.

He began turning wood in 2009 after running into an old friend who re-introduced him to the hobby he had dabbled in as a teenager. He fell in love with the idea of taking a simple chunk of wood that was headed for the wood chipper and turn it into a beautiful, functional piece of art. David takes pride in the fact that all of his pieces began as local South Florida salvaged trees.

David's work is distinct in the fact that he has developed a unique technique of incorporating colored and clear epoxy resin into his art too not only make distressed wood safer to turn, but to also add a beautiful stained-glass effect to his pieces. His work is predominantly bowls in various sizes though he also creates light pendants, lamps, sun-catchers, vases, platters and muddlers to name a few. He finishes all his pieces with food grade mineral oil and beeswax based sealer, making his work functional as well as beautiful.

My Unique Technique 

Wood turners have used resin in their bowls for as long as resin has been around. I started using resin in 2013 and was doing what all the other wood turners were doing, filling cracks and natural voids in the wood. Then in June of 2014 while on vacation in Spain I went the famous church "Segrada Famila" were I saw beautiful stained glass windows. The windows gave me the idea to cut designs into my bowls and fill it with colored transparent resin. Over the years I have tried many designs from rings, blocks of all shapes, dots, vertical lines, words and free form. I have made bowls with multi colors, one color and clear resin which gives the wood blocks a floating effect .

All my pieces are made using one block of wood, I never glue wood together. My 13 step process lets me keep the grain in it's natural position, so you can see the growth rings and knots in the wood. The beauty of wood is in the grain and I never move it. This is what makes my resin bowls different from everyone else.

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